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We are a Destination Management Company located in Kelantan, one of beautiful city in Malaysia. We mainly operate in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang, Port Dickson, Kelantan and Borneo. We have a very wide product portfolio: tours, vacations, excursions, city tours, team buildings, conferences, incentives, meetings, events, seminars, exhibitions etc.

In order to maximize the customer value proposition we carefully design each product with a just right proportion of the value elements: accommodation, transportation, food, history, culture, recreation, adventure, green, water, education, relax, detox, eco, ethno, consulting, etc.

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Tips and Information as guide for coming to Malaysia

Shooping Experience in Malaysia

With plenty of things to do and see, Malaysia has never falls short of options to fascinate its visitors. Ranging from city sightseeing to scuba diving and nature parks discovery, the country has a lot more to offer. Also known as a shopping paradise, Malaysia is one of the best …

Taman Negara Malaysia – Beautiful Rainforest Nature Experience

Taman Negara is the crown jewel of tropical rainforests in Asia. Reputed as the oldest of its kind in the world (130 million years old), it has evolved amid natural disasters and been generally unmolested by human civilisation — creating an epicentre for the most …

Wayang Kulit – Magic Of Shadow And Light

One of the age-old performances that is still being practiced today but becoming increasingly rare is the Wayang Kulit. Imagine a show where music, light, shadow and masterful storytelling come alive under one roof, transporting you back to ancient times, and leaving you, the audience, breathless and delighted in …