Wau, Wayang Kulit, Rebana Ubi, Batik

Kelantan is one of the states located in the peninsular of Malaysia.  Kota Bharu, the riverside capital, is home to royal palaces like the wooden Istana Jahar. Sultan Ismail Petra Arch is an ornate timber structure with Islamic inscriptions. Kelantan is famous for its own culture that is different from other state in Peninsular Malaysia. Kelantan residents still maintaining the tradition left by their grandparents. Among the cultures which are found in Kelantan are wayang kulit, wau, tuber tamban, gasing, kertok and many more. This culture is unique because it is a culture of the known times of Malaysia as Malaya again. The Kelantan government has kept this legacy to be extinct from time to time and this is a history for the look of young people especially the people Kelantan.

Cultural, Historical, UNESCO

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